T. Dan Nichols

Entrepreneurial Advocate, Team Building Workshop Leader & Multi-Hustle Entrepreneur

I have my hands in a number of small businesses and have since I was 18 years of age. I’m passionate about helping others get launched and working a room as both an entertainer and corporate workshop leader. I remain immensely curious about ways to make dough doing things I enjoy. “Life is dull unless you do stuff you like”. 🙂  And though I’ve coached fortune 50 companies, I’m really fond of solo-preneurs which is why I do both corporate/executive coaching AND launch a business coaching.  NOTE: This site is up to make it easy to figure out “who this dude is”. That’s all – it’s that simple.

Corporate/Business Coaching

Executive Coaching/Builder of Teams & Small Business Launch Guy



I deliver workshops to help companies both improve team performance by helping them all get along better AND I work hard to get companies to find out who they are and who they want to be with Values, Vision & Mission Workshops. This work is critically important and typically dismissed. It’s my goal to get companies to wake up to it NOT being (usually) the fault of sales and marketing – the bigger more expensive problems exist within personnel and leadership. 



StartABiznow.com  (partly up August 2019)

I’ve long had a passion for helping people tap into that dream they have to share their special talent or skill with the world in a business of their own as an entrepreneur.  I’ve done so with a nonprofit in the city of Detroit for several years and I’ve done so with the local library for several years as well. I’m redoing the school site for a re-release by October 2019. The old site is here. 

I created a course called Lemonade Stand Simple after seeing all the inefficiencies other “launch a business” programs had. I virtually, by way of live coaching over the internet or phone and/or pre-recorded audio walk a user through the entire process of getting a business launched. This is a key focus in 2019 & 2020 for me.


No sense in denying yourself something you love. I travel nationwide doing game shows like Family Feud & Jeopardy for corporations both large and small. In addition I’ve been deejaying private events for nearly 3 decades. Though I’m not doing 70 events a year like I did in my 30’s I still keep very involved. 



From the audio and video production to the flow of the game show itself I both emcee the various shows I offer and manage the tech stuff to make it all crazy cool. Here I get to work a room. It’s the common thread in all I do both as a corporate workshop leader and as a mobile entertainer.



I never new when I sold my lawn maintenance company nearly 3 decades ago to start deejaying parties that it would still be a part of my life in the 2000’s. I love music and I love working a room. This business allows me to have my weeks free to create, be a dad and deliver workshops and game shows for companies nationwide.




Other Stuff & Podcast

I’ve tamed my shiny object chasing behavior and only do things that call me all the time. I’m toying around right now with a couple other business ideas & I have a podcast I’m hoping to grow in the years to come.




So, my wife burnt a dozen hard boiled eggs on the stove top during a period when I was fixing and flipping homes which didn’t turn out so great. I discovered ozone would solve the problem. I had to get the 3 machine starter package… The rental model/passive income idea appealed to me. This has turned out to be a good little side business. I do NOTHING at all except answer the phone and take a rental order here and there. I do NOT work the business. If it happens it happens (thanks Youtube). They meet me for a rental or I’ve real estate investors that have me do a full service drop off. I love getting out and setting these up. It’s easy but it somehow calls to my inner child. It feels like it’s machines and stink and play all in one. 🙂


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